He returned to England to his wife Elsie and baby daughter Gwendoline Florence, who were living with relatives in Southport. For a couple of the depression years after the war, Harold tried to find work in Southport, Leeds and Doncaster. Searching for a new life in 1920, the three of them emigrated to Canada. Harold had procured employment with the Montreal Litho Company of Ontario Street, Montreal, and their passage to Canada appears to have been paid by a Mr E W Hendrick. 


Elsie found the change too great, and missing her family, she very soon returned to England with my mother, now a toddler. Having paid for their return voyage, Harold had no money and so worked his passage home tending animals on a cattle boat.


The Jowett Family in Scarborough c. 1921 – William Harold Jowett,

Elsie Jowett and Gwendoline Florence Jowett.

Harold was a qualified fashion plate and general advertising designer but could only find work as a temporary sorting clerk in the GPO. 

His spare time was spent continuing work in design and photography. Jowett Designs resided at the family home at 30 Ebor Place, Hyde Park, Leeds, and produced fashions, show-cards, pamphlets, post-cards, christmas cards, designs for half-tone, line and colour blocks and ornamental pictorial or figure subjects.